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Frequently Asked Questions

Will LipiFlow work on LASIK dry eye?

All patients with a marginalized tear film lipid layer should benefit. LipiFlow has been shown to be effective in LASIK dry eye.

How long does it take?

Treatment is an office-based 12 minute, painless procedure. Both eyes are treated together in a private, spa-like environment. Your eyes are not dilated and you can return to full activity immediately.

How long does LipiFlow last?

LipiFlow treatment is effective for more than one year. Clinical studies, however, are still pending for a more precise. We recommend LipiFlow Plus which combined meibomian gland rejuvenation through LipiFlow supplemented by four IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) applications over the next half year. IPL will stimulated the vascular supply and promote healthy lipid production. This is particularly useful for patients who do not wish to use a tetracycline derivative (doxycycline, minocycline). It is also an excellent supplement for time consuming application of warm compresses and lid hygiene.

Does it hurt?


Do punctal plugs disqualify me from LipiFlow treatment?

No. Temporarly, Permanent, and Thermal punctal occlusion can supplement the treatment.

Can I continue Restasis after LipiFlow?

Yes. We anticipate a majority of patients will reduce their dependence on drops following treatment. Many dry eye NJ / Philadelphia will discontinue Restasis.

I have had eyelid surgery. Can I still get LipiFlow.

Yes. In fact, LipiFlow has been performed following LASIK, Epi-LASIK, Cataract, Glaucoma Surgery, and even corneal transplantation. A thorough evaluation will assess your ocular condition and determine whether LipiFlow is recommended.

Do any insurance companies pay for LipiFlow?

No. Despite full FDA approval and clinical testing that showed LipiFlow was both safe and effective, Insurance Companies, including Medicare, will not pay. LipiFlow is not experimental nor is it a luxury, nevertheless, I do not anticipate insurance coverage anytime in the next several years. Until our health care system is entirely revamped and corrupt local monopolies are crushed, LipiFlow treatment must be patient-funded.

How long will it take for LipiFLow to work?

Some patients recognize an improvement during the first week, others may not recognize an improvement for a month or more. We will follow you clinically for physical signs of improvement and continue to treat your dry eye with all modalities available.

Evaporative dry eye syndrome can make daily life extremely uncomfortable. If you suffer from dry eye, it is important that you seek the quality treatment you need and deserve. Dr. Lewis is also proud to offer a number of diagnostic tests and dry eye treatments for Sjögren’s Syndrome patients. To schedule a consultation with Philadelphia cornea specialist Dr. James Lewis, contact his practice at 215-886-9090.


LipiFlow treatments now includes

one Advanced IPL (Lumenis M22) Treatment or MiBo Treatment

depending on clinical findings at no extra charge ($300 value)