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Nancy S. is on TV

Nancy S.

52, Evaporative Dry Eye
sufferer since 1988
LipiFlow patient, 2007

How did suffering from Evaporative Dry Eye impact your life?

I really can’t see without glasses or contacts. I do public relations, I’m a
spokesperson, I'm on TV. I was always worried that the day I was on TV would
be the day my dry eye would act up. In general, it was a very dry and irritating
– this gritty, annoying feeling like you've been out in a windstorm and there
is something in your eye that you can't get out.

What other kinds of treatments had you tried?

My doctor was very cautious about drops, because you can get dependent on
them – but you want to use them all the time. I was constantly having to do
hot compresses. Even throughout the day at my office, I would put a washcloth
in the microwave. It was three times a day with drops plus several times a day
with the compresses. Oh, and there were lid scrubs too, every day.

What were your expectations of the LipiFlow treatment?

I was a little apprehensive. I'm very sensitive about people touching my eyes; I
wasn’t sure about the idea of having a heated disc even temporarily in my eye.

What was the LipiFlow procedure like?

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Especially when you're used to having
something in your eye all the time. It didn’t hurt at all, just a little uncomfortable.
But no pain whatsoever; it was really very easy.

How soon after the treatment did you start feeling the effects?
Immediately. That was about two years ago, and I do not have problems today.
The only thing that I'm doing is hot compresses in the shower because I am in
the habit. I haven't done the drops since I had the treatment.

What follow-up have you had recently?

I probably haven't seen my eye doctor in about a year. It's probably time for
my check-up.

Nancy S.

Physician's Notes


· first seen in 1988, patient reported severe difficulties due to dryness; there
was corneal scarring as the result of wearing contact lenses with the dryness;
diagnosis of meibomian gland dysfunction
· in 1991, lid swelling, redness and other symptoms developed from the
meibomian gland problems; warm compresses and gland scrubs were instituted
· in 1994, home treatment was unable to control the problem; redness,
lid swelling, severe itching, dryness, etc. returned even more acutely,
exacerbated by air travel
· problems from MGD continued; symptoms were general controlled, with 1
or 2 yearly episodes of increasing dryness, redness and difficulty with lenses
· in 2007, despite home therapy, evaluation revealed only 2 functional
secreting meibomian glands on the right lower lid and 1 on the left, out of
24 on each; tear film stability time was 9 for the right eye and 10 for the left,
Immediately post-treatment
· patient finds treatment of thermodynamic heat and pulsative pressure
· exam results find treatment to have been effective; approximately 10 glands
on each lid have opened

One week post-treatment

· exam results show 9 glands now open on the right eye, 13 on the left
· patient reports significant improvement in eye comfort and redness
15 months post-treatment
· exam results show 9 glands open on each eye
· tear film stability, redness, lid swelling and all other symptoms remain
remarkably improved or resolved
· patient reports that treatment has resolved her problems and that her eyes
felt better than any time she can remember; the chart of the past 21 years
confirms her statement