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Carolyn N. was using puntal plugs

Carolyn N.

62, Evaporative Dry Eye
sufferer since 2005
LipiFlow patient, 2008

How did suffering from Evaporative Dry Eye impact your life?

It was horribly uncomfortable – a feeling like my eyes were scratched. I had
some light sensitivity; I couldn’t wear my contacts much. It was uncomfortable
when I was outside, especially if it was windy. Sometimes I couldn’t drive, I
couldn’t read. I was continually putting drops in. I just had so many problems
with my eyes, it was brutal. I have a high tolerance to pain, but it was a
constant nuisance at best. I was just miserable.

What other kinds of treatments had you tried?

I had punctal plugs, which helped some. I used warm compresses, I used just
about every kind of drop.

What was the LipiFlow treatment like? Was there any pain or

No. I just sat back in a chair and they put these things on my eyes and I sat
there and talked to the nurse for a little while and that was it. I could certainly
feel the heat but it was nothing painful.

After the LipiFlow treatment, when did you start feeling relief?

I would say within a few days; it was a gradual thing. But it didn’t take more
then a few days until I could tell a big difference.

What has been the difference since the LipiFlow treatment?

Massive. It has made a huge difference. I use drops once in a blue moon. I can
wear my contacts. I usually don’t wear them everyday, but I certainly can wear
them and have them in all day long; that was something that I wasn’t able to
do. I’m able to walk outside on a windy day, sit in front of the computer, do
my sewing. It’s very exciting. This has made a huge, huge difference.

How did the treatment compare to your expectations?

It’s been better then I expected. This has been almost the best.