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MiBo – Dry Eye Treatment – demonstrated

Pain Point Medical (Dallas, TX) has developed a new therapeutic modality for the treatment of dry eye. In particular, the MiBoFlo® addresses meibomian gland dysfunction by melting and messaging away clogged glandular secretions allowing for a more resilient tear film. Applied in an office setting without the need for anesthesia, MIBO (My-bOH) is an extremely pleasant experience for patients. Results have been excellent with the vast majority of patients feeling they had made significant progress. The results with patients who failed other treatments like IPL and LipiFlow have been extremely encouraging.

Treatment is usually scheduled every two to four weeks for at least four sessions for best results. Dr. Lewis along with a few other dry eye specialists in the US was involved in the initial roll out of this affordable and comfortable technology. We expect MIBO to become available in most eye physician offices within the next few years. Recent advances in design have reduced treatment time to under fifteen minutes in most cases.

MiBoFlo’s Double eyePAD

The latest version of MiBo uses a double plated applicator to deliver 108 F gentle warmth to the meibomain gland apparatus. Combined with minimal message the glands are rejuvenated and thick lipid deposits are melted. This feature saves time for both the doctor and the patient.